The Program

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The Program

for those who want to be happy, healthy and life-ready

Hand crafted workouts are posted 5-days a week with some extra hints for your active recovery days as well. All workouts are planned to take 60 minutes or less and include the ability to modify movements if required.

There are no complex gymnastic or barbell movements in The Program - the workouts are designed to be inclusive, safe and fun. If you're looking for 'more' then we suggest you check out the Performance Program (which is already included in your membership).

You can track your progress in the App and you can also ask the coaches questions. There's even an inbuilt timer for those workouts that require it!

It really is everything you'll ever need to workout, wherever you are.

Daily Workouts Include:

  • Warm-up, Preparation, Cool down
  • Recommended Scaling Options
  • Equipment Modifications As Required
  • Coach’s Workout Insights
  • Optional Accessory Work
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"I love the workouts from all the programs, specifically The Program. And The Dumbbell Program is awesome too!"

Katja Stoll, Germany

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