The WanderWoman Program

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The WanderWoman Program

empowering you to look and feel better naked with female-specific training

We get it. You want to love what you see in the mirror. If you're longing for your dream bikini bootie and toned tum then this is for you.

But, this program is different. It enables you to hit your goals faster and feeling even more confident in your own skin. You see, your female physiology makes you unique and your training should reflect that.

The WanderWoman Program factors in your menstrual cycle so that you can optimize your training during the different stages. It matters! At certain times of the month you're stronger, more flexible and more motivated. Don't waste these opportunities!

And that's why this program exists! Our coaching team intelligently designs this program to optimize your results and to align with your lifestyle and menstrual cycle.

Daily Workouts Include:

  • Warm-up, Preparation, Cool down
  • Recommended Scaling Options
  • Equipment Modifications As Required
  • Coach’s Workout Insights
  • Optional Accessory Work
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Free for 7 days, then $35/month


"The community is so supportive, I feel like the workouts are created to work on the specific areas I want to work on and I love that I’ve gained so much more knowledge..."

Katie Power, England

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